Canal 22 - Paris

Canal 22 studio picture

Our Parisian venture- Canal 22

We are excited to present an overview of our remarkable project, Canal 22 in Paris, which exemplifies our dedication and expertise in system integration. Our team successfully built the entire technical infrastructure, guaranteeing seamless functionality for top-notch production.

To achieve this, we incorporated cutting-edge equipment such as Newtek’s TC1 Vision Mixer, advanced Playout, and Encoders, along with sophisticated CG and lighting systems. The integration of these components ensured its ability to produce vibrant and captivating broadcasts.

Working in collaboration with the renowned set designer, Esra Akbulut, we enhanced the studio’s aesthetic appeal. Akbulut’s creative brilliance was evident in every aspect, beautifully blending technology and design to create an inspiring environment that fosters creativity while maintaining exceptional production quality.

This project showcases our team’s skill and industry expertise. It serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering integrated solutions that push the boundaries of media production technology.