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Set Design

Our creative accomplished set design architects and skilled trade professionals come together to deliver the creative visions of clients in the world of sports, news, and lifestyle broadcasting. We have designed and constructed high-quality studios and broadcasting sets for broadcasters around the world.


Whether you want the advice of an experienced set designer or a complete, turnkey studio design solution, the design process begins with a consultation.


If you require evidence of what we’re able to achieve, you only have to look at our ever-growing portfolio of studio design projects. Having delivered eye-catching broadcasting sets for the our customers in UK, France, Turkey, Ireland & Middle East, we’re one of the world’s leading studio and set design specialists in the world.


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Our Studio Design Services

We offer a complete solution that guarantees broadcast studios that reflect your brand and your approach to broadcasting.

Broadcast Studio Design

We are a full-service studio design company that creates the environments needed for high-quality programming that resonates with target audiences. We prioritise understanding our customers’ requirements, such as the show or program’s identity and the message they aim to deliver.

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients to create the perfect set, considering elements such as seating arrangements, background decor sets, LED walls, lighting, depth perception, and overall ambiance. By carefully tailoring these elements, we guarantee an immersive and visually captivating experience for the audience.

Set Manufacturing

Following the meticulous design phase, our Set Manufacture process comes into play. We utilise the best materials available within the project’s budget and specific application requirements.

Whether it’s a long-lasting show necessitating sustainable and high-quality materials or a quick production that requires lightweight and portable sets, we carefully select and utilise the most suitable materials. Our skilled craftsmen then bring the designs to life, ensuring attention to detail and superior craftsmanship in every aspect of the set’s construction.


Lastly, our proficient Set Installation team takes charge of transforming the envisioned set into a reality. Our installation crew comprises experts in various fields, including carpenters, electricians, mechanics specialising in rotating sets, and professionals skilled in broadcast and audio-video installations.

This diverse team ensures that every aspect of the set, from the video walls and LED screens to the lighting arrangements, is flawlessly integrated and executed. Their expertise guarantees a seamless installation process, delivering a visually

Why Choose Us for Studio Set Design?

We take a collaborative approach to studio set design to ensure we deliver the creative visions of our clients. By implementing brand details and our innate creativity, we design and construct broadcasting environments that enhance the viewing experience of audiences around the world

Expert set design by experienced professionals

Professional construction services

A collaborative approach between our design team and our construction team

Fully bespoke studios designed to facilitate your style of broadcasting

3D models created using the latest techniques and software — see what your studio will look like before work begins

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