Safeguarding content in the cloud 

Safeguarding content in the cloud Whenever media people start talking about the cloud, inevitably the conversation becomes polarised. On one hand, there are the clear benefits of working in the cloud – the scalability of processing, the ease of feeding CDNs, the accessibility to content for remote collaborative post and so on.  On the other hand, there are always concerns about security. We talk about our raw material as “assets”, and that is just what they are – they are the value in the media business. The content must be protected at all times.  Most obviously, you do not want anyone to steal the content. You have paid for the production, and you deserve the revenues from its distribution.  You always want to ensure that the content is not changed in any...

Trends and challenges in cloud-based workflows 

Trends and challenges in cloud-based workflows The media industry is changing fast, because the revolutionary changes in the way that people consume television. Traditional delivery platforms like terrestrial and satellite are still important, not least for live content. But online streaming and on-demand video must be central in anyone’s plans.  Stepping back up the content chain, the expectation is that the “broadcast quality” we have come to expect will be maintained. Indeed, quality is even pushing upwards, with the growth in demand for 4k, high dynamic range Ultra HD. Audiences recognise and are intolerant of technical failings.  While quality has to be maintained, the way that television is produced is also seeing innovative new techniques. Remote production is growing in importance. Sports events, for example, commonly see a hybrid approach with some...

Artificial intelligence will continue to drive change in 2024

Medhat Ali, Director of VM Cloud, recently shared insights in a TVBEurope article, highlighting the transformative impact of AI in broadcasting for 2024. In the article, Medhat Ali underscores how AI and machine learning are set to revolutionise viewer experiences. Broadcasters are gearing up to utilise these technologies to offer tailored content playlists, precise recommendations, and interactive features that enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Introducing VM Cloud Services

At VM Cloud, we maintain our position as industry leaders by continuously staying at the forefront of innovation. Our extensive range of offerings caters to a diverse clientele, featuring both ready-made turnkey solutions and meticulously tailored options to perfectly align with your unique requirements. We are dedicated to employing state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge techniques to consistently deliver outstanding technical solutions. Our comprehensive system integration services encompass the following:

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