Moving Forward: Artificial intelligence will continue to drive change in 2024

Medhat Ali, Director of VM Cloud, recently shared insights in a TVBEurope article, highlighting the transformative impact of AI in broadcasting for 2024.

In the article, Medhat Ali underscores how AI and machine learning are set to revolutionise viewer experiences. Broadcasters are gearing up to utilise these technologies to offer tailored content playlists, precise recommendations, and interactive features that enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Highly tailored content playlists are at the heart of this transformation. AI algorithms analyse viewer preferences and real-time data, ensuring seamless access to content aligned with individual interests and moods.

Recommendation systems are also evolving. AI-powered systems will provide personalised recommendations based on location, mood, and previous choices, delivering the right mix of content at the right time.

As VM Cloud pioneers AI-driven solutions, responsible implementation remains a priority. Ethical considerations and data privacy are paramount in this exciting phase of personalised broadcasting.

For a detailed exploration, read the full TVBEurope article here

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