We are delighted to introduce one of our milestone endeavours in Chiswick. This project is a clear demonstration of our unwavering commitment and skill set in the sphere of system integration. Our proficient team took the reins to build the complete technical foundation, promising top-tier production with optimal functionality.

Incorporating avant-garde tools, such as the innovative Newtek TC1 Vision Mixer, advanced Playout, and Encoders, alongside state-of-the-art CG and lighting systems, we left no stone unturned. These elements were flawlessly melded together granting Chiswick the ability to create dynamic, engaging broadcasts.

In collaboration with the illustrious set designer Esra Akbulut, we amplified the studio’s visual appeal. The creative brilliance of Akbulut permeated every aspect, marrying technology and design to cultivate an ambiance that both stimulates creativity and ensures unparalleled production quality.

Our team’s technical proficiency and industry expertise are prominently showcased in the Chiswick project. This venture serves as a shining example of our devotion to providing integrated solutions that redefine the limits of media production technology.

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