Pertiwi TV

The Malaysian Pertiwi TV Channel Project

Welcome to a world where cutting-edge technology meets captivating television content. In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we embarked on an extraordinary journey to create a TV channel like no other. Our partnership with the Pertiwi-TV customer led to the birth of a dynamic and engaging broadcasting experience, powered by NDI/SDI workflow and a state-of-the-art virtual set studio. 

Project Overview

The Pertiwi TV Channel Project was a visionary endeavour aimed at revolutionising television broadcasting. Our mission was clear: to deliver compelling, high-quality content that resonates with audiences while harnessing the potential of modern technology.

At the core of our innovation was the implementation of the NDI/SDI workflow. With NDI (Network Device Interface) and SDI (Serial Digital Interface), we seamlessly integrated multiple cameras and video sources, enabling real-time transmission of high-definition video and audio. This dynamic setup allowed us to capture every moment with precision, providing viewers with an immersive experience that bridged the gap between content and reality.

Virtual Set Studio

Our virtual set studio was the canvas on which creativity knew no bounds. Through advanced virtual set design and integration, we transported our viewers to captivating environments that perfectly complemented our content.

The mix between hard sets and virtual sets added a layer of visual appeal that enriched the storytelling process. This technology not only elevated our broadcasts but also offered a cost-effective solution for creating diverse and captivating backgrounds.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. The Kuala Lumpur TV Channel became a beacon of innovation in the broadcasting landscape. With enhanced production efficiency and unmatched visual aesthetics, our broadcasts garnered praise from viewers and industry peers alike. We saw increased audience engagement, and the flexibility of the virtual set studio allowed us to adapt to various content genres effortlessly.

Technical specifications

  • 600 sq metre total project area.
  • Virtual studio (Green) with different studio designs for each program.
  • mixed SDI/NDI technology used inside the studio.
  • 200 sq meter studios space including gallery.
  • 1 Master control room (MCR), and Transmission (TX).
  • NewTek NDI HD PTZ cameras.
  • Auto-Q system.
  • LED studio lightning controlled by DMX-512 lightning console.
  • Mixed analogue and digital audio control.
  • Wireless neck and hand microphones.
  • Professional network design including VLANs for all office and production purposes.
  • Ability to use any type of streaming protocols (SRT, RTMP being used to send the final to viewers on the internet and OTT platforms).
  • CDN Services for website streaming service.


Explore the gallery to witness the magic we brought to life and the impact we’ve made on the Malaysian Media broadcasting field.

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