Introducing MediaCity Istanbul.

Welcome to the Heart of Creativity: Our 6-Floor Multimedia Powerhouse – Media City. Discover a groundbreaking achievement in multimedia innovation right in the heart of Istanbul. We proudly present our monumental 6-floor building project that stands as a testament to our expertise as a leading system integrator. From top-tier TV studios to cutting-edge control rooms, transmission facilities, and a state-of-the-art data centre, this project showcases our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio and video production. 

Project Overview

  • Location: Nestled in the vibrant city of Istanbul, our 6-floor building project serves as a beacon of technological excellence and creative ingenuity.
  • Comprehensive Services: This visionary undertaking encompasses a comprehensive range of services catering to every facet of audio and video production, from concept to execution.
  • Team Expertise: Our dedicated team of professionals meticulously designed, installed, and brought to life each floor of this multimedia haven, resulting in a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.
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Studio Specifications and applications

  • TV Studios: The crown jewel of our project, these studios blend SDI and NDI video standards seamlessly, accompanied by awe-inspiring video walls and modern decorations, offering a canvas for limitless creativity.
  • Control Room: Experience unrivalled command and precision with our cutting-edge control room, a nerve centre for orchestrating flawless productions.
  • Transmission Room: Our transmission facilities ensure your content reaches its audience flawlessly, with state-of-the-art technology facilitating seamless distribution.
  • Rack Room Data Centre: Housing the technological backbone of the project, our data centre ensures unparalleled reliability and performance, powering the entire multimedia ecosystem.
  • Live Broadcasts: Engage your audience with seamless live broadcasts that leverage the power of SDI and NDI video standards for exceptional quality.
  • Virtual Events: Transform your virtual events into unforgettable experiences with our immersive video walls and high-quality audio.
  • Video Productions: From cinematic shoots to corporate videos, our studios offer the perfect backdrop for a wide range of video production projects.

Technical specifications

  • 4,125 sq metre total project area.
  • Different types of decorated sets cover the whole area.
  • SDI/NDI video inputs and outputs outlets covering all area.
  • 230 Total video wall screens (55-inch, and 46-inch).
  • 20m2 LED video wall.
  • 4 TV studios.
  • 1 post production free studio space.
  • 1 Master control room (MCR), and Transmission Room (TX).
  • 4 different gallery control rooms for studios.
  • Sony Full HD and 4K cameras with professional CCU
  • Pedestal Vinten tripods.
  • Auto-Q system, with different types of reflectors including that on Jimmy Jip.
  • 2 x Jimmy Jip (3m to 7m length).
  • LED studio lightning controlled by DMX-512 lightning console.
  • Dynamic ceiling studio Lightning grids covering all studios areas.
  • Digital Audio Mixers.
  • Wireless neck and hand microphones.
  • Professional network design including VLANs for all office and production purposes.
  • Generator and UPS electric supply.


Explore a visual journey through our project’s evolution, showcasing the transformation of each floor from concept to reality.

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