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Welcome to Deposit Studios- where creativity meets technology. 
Explore our state-of-the-art TV studios designed to elevate your production quality and redefine your content creation experience. With a fusion of cutting-edge SDI and NDI video standards, digital audio excellence, and stunning video walls, Deposit Studios offers a dynamic and versatile space for all your production needs.

We completed this project for our customer REFLECTIONS production. 

Studio Features

  • Advanced Video Standards: Our three meticulously designed studios boast both SDI and NDI video standards, providing seamless integration and exceptional flexibility for your production workflows.

  • Immersive Video Walls: Elevate your visual storytelling with our immersive video wall Sets, creating captivating backdrops and enhancing your content’s impact.

  • Crystal-Clear Digital Audio: Experience unparalleled audio quality with our top-of-the-line digital audio setup, ensuring every sound is captured with precision and clarity.

  • Modern Decor: Our studios feature contemporary decorations that effortlessly adapt to various types of video production, from hard-sets TV Shows, dynamic live shows, and social media productions.

Studio Specifications and applications

  • Total Size: Sprawling across an impressive 1500 square meters, our studios offer ample space for ambitious and creative projects.

  • Studio Configurations: Each studio is intelligently designed to accommodate different production setups, making it ideal for talk shows, interviews, live performances, and more.

  • Tech Infrastructure: Cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure empower you to unleash your creative vision without limitations.

  • Live Broadcasts: Engage your audience with seamless live broadcasts that leverage the power of SDI and NDI video standards for exceptional quality.

  • Virtual Events: Transform your virtual events into unforgettable experiences with our immersive video walls and high-quality audio.

  • Video Productions: From cinematic shoots to corporate videos, our studios offer the perfect backdrop for a wide range of video production projects.

Technical Specifications

  • 1,500 sq metre total project area.
  • Different types of decorated sets cover the whole area.
  • SDI/NDI video inputs and outputs outlets covering all area.
  • 50 Total video wall screens (55-inch, and 46-inch).
  • 1 Master control room (MCR).
  • 2 different gallery control rooms for studios.
  • Sony Full HDand 4K cameras with professional CCU.
  • Pedestal Vinten tripods.
  • Auto-Q system, with different types of reflectors including that on Jimmy Jip. 
  • 2 x jimmy jip (3m to 7m length).
  • LED studio lightning controlled by DMX-512 lightning console.
  • Dynamic ceiling studio Lightning grids covering all studios areas.
  • Digital Audio Mixers.
  • Wireless neck and hand microphones.
  • Professional network design including VLANs for all office and production purposes.
  • Generator and UPS electric supply.


Browse through our gallery to get a glimpse of the stunning visuals and remarkable setups achieved within our designs.

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